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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Android version is supported?
Android 4.4 / KitKat / API level 19 or higher.
Any other restrictions to the device?
Yes, you will need telephony support, so tablets won't be supported. Also, you'll need a step counter sensor.
How many ads are there?
What data does Roameo collect and share?
Data is collected and shared as little as necessary, please check the Privacy Policy.
What Android permissions does Roameo need?
This is also summarized in the Privacy Policy.
How accurate is the step counting?
Probably very inaccurate. It seems to depend on the hardware and how you're holding your phone during calls. Worst case, you compensate most of the acceleration that is used to detect a step and your collected data is pretty much useless.
Is this app supposed to be a joke?
Pretty much, yes.