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Privacy Policy

Data collected

In order to provide its core functionality, Roameo collects phone call information including time, duration and the dialed / calling phone number.
Optionally, by user's choice, Roameo is mapping ingoing and outgoing phone numbers to contacts stored in the device's phone book. The mapped contact information however is not permanently stored.

Data shared

Roameo does not upload any collected data to anywhere without specific user interaction.
By user's choice, Roameo can be connected with third party fitness tracking platforms (as of version 1.2.1, this is limited to Google Fit) to upload call date, call time, call duration and step count as training exercise.
Phone number and other contact information is not shared with third party services as of version 1.2.1. This will be added as optional feature in a later version.

Android Permissions

The following Android system permissions are required by Roameo:
  • Make and manage phone calls (READ_PHONE_STATE) to monitor incoming and outgoing calls and handle call start and call end events in order to associate counted steps to the phone call session. Despite the permission's description, Roameo does not initiate phone calls by itself.
  • Access your contacts (READ_CONTACTS) to map phone numbers with contact names. This feature is optional and can be enabled and disabled from the settings menu.
  • Prevent phone from sleeping (WAKE_LOCK) to increase step count accuracy. This feature is only used during ongoing phone calls and won't affect normal phone operation.
Depending on the Android version, the permission description may differ and permissions are granted either during installation or requested by the app during runtime.